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UK Parliamentary general election

Didcot and Wantage constituency

This election was held on Thursday 4 July 2024.

There are 650 constituencies in the UK, and each elects one Member of Parliament (MP). Learn more about MPs on the UK Parliament website.

A new set of constituency boundaries will be used for the 2024 UK general election. This means that your constituency may have changed. Learn more about the 2024 boundary changes.

6 candidates stood in the Didcot and Wantage constituency.

Electorate 80,689
Spoilt Ballots 215

You have a new constituency

At the last parliamentary election your constituency was Wantage. On 4 July, your constituency will be Didcot and Wantage

A new set of constituencies will be used for the 2024 UK general election. This is happening to take account of changes in population. Learn more about these changes on the UK Parliament website.

Key: Previous constituency (grey) new constituency (pink)


Didcot and Wantage is a constituency of the House of Commons in the UK Parliament. Further to the completion of the 2023 Periodic Review of Westminster constituencies, it was first contested at the 2024 general election. The seat was won by Olly Glover representing the Liberal Democrats.

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