Who Can I Vote For?

Adding your profile to WhoCanIVoteFor.co.uk

WhoCanIVoteFor.co.uk has a free profile per candidate standing in every UK election. The profiles have been viewed by millions of people deciding who to vote for before elections.

WhoCanIVoteFor.co.uk is powered by data from Democracy Club’s public database of election candidates. Democracy Club is a non-partisan and not-for-profit organisation.

Democracy Club’s candidates database is run a bit like Wikipedia, where users can update profiles with sourced information. We encourage candidates, agents and parties to add information like photos, statements to voters and social media links.

I am a candidate

To get started, go to https://candidates.democracyclub.org.uk/search, type your name into the ‘Find a candidate...’ box and press ‘Search’. You may already be in the database, in which case please do update your existing profile.

I am an agent or local party administrator

You can edit an individual candidate as above, or you can ‘bulk add’ all candidates for your party. To add all candidates for your party in an election, go to https://candidates.democracyclub.org.uk/elections/ and click on the election you want to add candidates for. Then click the “Add candidates for a single party” button, select your party and you’ll be able to add each candidate on a single form.

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