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Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire

This election will be held on Thursday 19 August 2021.

You will have two votes, and can choose from five candidates in the Wiltshire Police force area.

  • How you vote

    This election uses Supplementary Vote.

    Mark an X in the first column for your first choice. Mark an X in the second column for your second choice. You do not have to mark a second choice.

    Read the instructions at the top of your ballot paper carefully.

    For more information, visit The Electoral Commission's website or ask an official at your polling station.

The official candidate list has been published.

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are elected to hold the police to account. They have responsibility for their police force's finance, and can appoint or dismiss the Chief Constable. Once elected, each PCC must produce a Police and Crime Plan, which sets their force's strategic direction.

Find out more about Police and Crime Commissioner elections at the Choose my PCC website.

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