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Senedd Cymru elections

South Wales Central region

This election was held on Thursday 6 May 2021.

71 candidates stood in the South Wales Central region.

When voting for members of the Senedd, you will have two votes. One for a member to represent your constituency, and one to represent your Welsh region. The Senedd currently has 60 elected members.

Members of the Senedd, or the Welsh Parliament, are elected to create laws for Wales and hold the Welsh Government to account. The Senedd is a devolved parliament, meaning legislative power has been transferred from the UK Government to the Senedd to give Welsh people more of a say on the laws made in Wales. The Senedd holds power over issues such as health, education and transport. The Senedd also has some tax-raising powers.

Read more about the Senedd's powers.

Election events

You can meet candidates and question them at online events (often known as 'hustings'). Here are some events that are taking place:

(Past event) Wednesday 14 April 2021 20:00: Youth Hustings with Adam Price, Vaughan Gething & Andrew RT Davies
See video or other info from this event.

(Past event) Tuesday 23 March 2021 00:00: Active Travel Hustings
See video or other info from this event.

(Past event) Monday 22 March 2021 00:00: Wales Environment Link Nature Husting
See video or other info from this event.

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