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85 candidates in our database.

This party is on the Great Britain register and is registered to stand candidates in Wales.

Ballot descriptions

This party may appear on the ballot paper as "Propel", or any of the following names:

  • Propel: Better for Wales | Propel: Gwell i Gymru
  • Propel: Not Politics as Usual | Propel: Nid Gwleidyddiaeth fel Arfer
  • Propel: Wales Needs Champions | Propel: Mae Cymru Angen Pencampwyr
  • Propel: Free Wales | Propel: Cymru Rydd
  • Propel: Stand Up for Ely | Propel: Dros Drelai
  • Propel: for a Free Wales | Propel: dros Gymru Rydd
  • Propel: Stand Up for Fairwater | Propel: Dros Y Tyllgoed
  • Propel: Stand Up for Cardiff | Propel: Dros Gaerdydd


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