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Movement for Active Democracy (M.A.D.) (Deregistered)

3 candidates in our database.

This political party was deregistered on Nov. 9, 2023, and can no longer field candidates.

This party was on the Great Britain register and was registered to stand candidates in England, Scotland, and Wales.

Ballot descriptions

This party may appear on the ballot paper as "Movement for Active Democracy (M.A.D.)", or any of the following names:

  • Movement for Active Democracy
  • Previous Descriptions

    These descriptions are no longer registered with the Electoral Commission and cannot be used:

    • Vote for yourself, end this anarchy
    • Taking control of our own destiny
    • Empowering you to shape your world
    • Empowering people to save our planet
    • Empowering people to control the government
    • Elections are farcical, end this nonsense
    • End this anarchy, vote for yourself
    • Empowering you to end this anarchy


  • Emblem 2