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Lynn Irving

Lynn Irving is an independent candidate in Rushcliffe in the UK Parliamentary general election.

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You have the right to thrive.

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Are you sick of politicians? Who isn't? I'm not a politician and would consider it an insult to be classed as one. Anyone who has a career or some kind of 'standing' at stake is corruptible as we have seen all too clearly over the last few years. I'm not interested in a career and am resourceful enough not to need to put my nose in the trough. We see the desperation to hang onto their well paid job with expenses the people of Britain can't even imagine, and their position in the party or government, to say nothing of future media careers and directorships. They are literally saying anything to win inspite of all previous evidence as to their true colours. The manifestos are worth less than toilet paper - there is nothing that holds them to any promise and let's face it, were we promised any of what we have actually received - organised 'illegal' immigration aided and abetted by the government, prevention of lawful activities such as work, going to the pub, meeting friends, going to school organised by the government, illegal use of psychological techniquest ot manipulate compliance, surveillance, watwer companies dumping sewerage in rivers that had just become clean enough to swim in, planes so polluting they form clouds and rain with their trails, NetZero tyranny that they exempt themselves from, toxic pesticides waved in after years of successful resistance, banks refusing to lend and forcing people out of homes into expensive rented accommodation, embroiing our armed forces other people's war (and yet war has been illegal for this country unless we are under direct attack since 1928), the hijacking of gay rights to suit a transgender agenda.....nobody made an informed choice at the last election because nobody was told about these policies. Locally, who voted for massive Minecraft-style housing estates rather than preserving and enhancing our countryside and green spaces? Who really wanted more surveillance - I'm waiting for any evidence this reduces any real crime or is even used by police to solve it. Who thought they'd rather have fly tipping rather than reasonable 'recycling'centres - tips- that can responsibly dispose of waste and are cheap? Direct democracy would allow us to challenge any of this. I'm standing because I can no longer watch the destruction of the country and the future of our kids. I am going to make sure that I can look my children in the eye and say I did all I could. Elections are a small part of the solution, but they do allow us to pattern interrupt the staged Punch & Judy show that the LabCons put on for us every 5 years. They clearly see this election as a simple baton handover. My promise is to listen, do the next right thing, review all legislation to see if it is unlawful (which it is if it violates our rights by birth), I support the campaign for Direct Democracy so any legilslation has to face a referendum (Swiss model) - that should cut down the rush to legislate. I will push for prosecutions and reclamation of the billions of pounds transferred fraudulently from us to 'their' oligarch corporate friends (the biggest wealth transfer in history!), support and invest in community level energy solutions so that we don't pay good money to subsidise German and French energy and bills (we do at the moment) - i propose Green Hydrogen but maybe you have better ideas. I am actively seeking and implementing solutions now that I expect to be able to free us and make communities self-sufficient and independent of corporate interests. Effective healthcare, outside of the pharmaceutically dictated model. Schooling - one size clearly fits nobody- have we ever had a more down trodden, helpless generation? There are lots of great models - they are generally much smaller scale, more tailored to individual people and not based on who can sit still for 5 hours a day. Many models, and indeed previous and present practices, actually prepare children to be healthy, functional, critical thinkers who can carve their own path instead of trying to fit into a defined rut. Our transport infrastructure is based on causing maximum inconvenience and to deter travel, often backed with cameras and fines or cancelled trains and manufactured strikes. Spending on roads and public transport rather than surveillance would be a start as would using a sensible road surface like recycled rubber rather than obediently buying oil industry byproducts. I'll give a shout out to farmers at this point - has an industry ever been under so much pressure from top down government? Farmers, you should be free to produce food and make a good living from it. We should all have fresh, cheap, local food. This is not novel - market gardens in cities and farms that keep a steady year round supply are not a new concept. To take our farmers and create a food crisis is immoral and irresponsible. I believe in very local small administration for the people, not government by supranational organisations and corporations forcing their whackadoodle agendas on us via Westminster - or WEFminster a it is becoming commonly referred to. And what of the media? - getting rid of the almost monopoly state is crucial for free, honest and independent reporting. As it is there are only a few media companies now, often with the same shareholders, and they spend their time reporting within the constraining limits of their paymaster's narrative, and held to that by OfCom. We cannot know the truth and make informed choices without free dissemination of information and hearing from a variety of sources. I was born and bred in Rushcliffe. My parents were at the heart of villagelife running the shop, and it became ever more onerous as government and councils became ever more megalomaniacal. My family, nuclear and wider, are here and I hope very much to make it a wonderful place for their children and grandchildren. I am now proudly fully involved in village life. I use the amenities and help organise and join in events and groups. I have lots of experience of and knowledge of the area and our people, and am proud that I have no experience whatsoever of government. This is a huge advantage from my point of view as MP's and councillors seem only experienced in messing things up for us. To make such a mess requires intent as nobody is that incompetent. The ConLabs try hard to put fear into people, talking about the need for 'serious' politicians with experience and knowledge of the system. How's that working out for us? They have about the only job that requires no training, experience or qualification and they have tens of thousands of Whitehall bureaucrats to make their wishes come true. Basically, the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. ConLabs are (as Galloway likes to say) two cheeks of the same bottom (polite version). You change nothing by voting for them. They have the party faithful few to do that - they are a minority, but their members are the only voters to turn out - everyone else las learned to feel helpless and like they can't make a difference. I would say, if you don't like who's on your ballot paper, stand for yourself or at least write 'no confidence in the system' or similar on your paper. These papers are counted and affect the final percentages. If you don't vote your silence is taken as tacit agreement to be treated in anyway the minority ConLabs choose. Remember you have the right to thrive, the reason you don't is because government has colluded with an unelected global corporatocracy to make it so. Happy Independent's Day.

PS:) I'm happy to talk to you, but will not reply to automatically generated mailings as I do not have the secretarial team an existing MP and have yet to discover how to stop time.

This statement was last updated on May 31, 2024.

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2024 Rushcliffe: UK Parliamentary general election Independent (Results due after 04 July 2024) Position not available
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