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Esther Mary Reeves

Esther Mary Reeves was a Green Party candidate in Coventry North West constituency in the UK Parliamentary general election. They received 3,420 votes.

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Esther Mary Reeves's policies

Statement to voters

As a passionate educator, I believe our current school system is too often not working for both children and teachers.

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As a Green Member of Parliament, I would push for our schools to be better funded and have a more flexible, child-centered way of teaching. This is especially important for children with Special Educational needs, like mental health, who currently do not have the necessary support. The cost of living is on all our minds, so I would push for Universal Basic Income, a system where everyone has enough to live on, with extra support for people with disabilities. In the meantime we urgently need to increase the Minimum Wage and Universal Income payments to ensure everyone has enough to live on. The Green Party MPs would also reform how disability benefits are awarded, so the system supports those most in need. As a Green Party MP, I would champion ways to make sure everyone has a warm, safe, affordable place to live. In Coventry we have a high level of rented accommodation often with high heating bills, so I would push the Government to require all landlords to insulate the homes they own making them cheaper to heat, and I would push for all new homes to be built to a high level of energy efficiency, so that we do not need to retrofit even more housing stock in the future. While we need new homes, we also need green spaces and these are just as important within cities as they are in the countryside. We need to protect both the spaces we have and also make sure they have as much biodiversity as possible. Nature is important for the health of both the planet and ourselves, lack of green spaces is shown to have a negative effect on our mental health. Therefore we must find more inventive ways of incorporating more nature into our built environment, for instance tree-lined streets are cooler in the summer than those without trees, and limiting hard-standing can help deal with rainfall and flooding.

This statement was last updated on June 6, 2024.

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Esther Mary Reeves was the Green Party candidate. Find out more about their policies in the Green Party manifesto.

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Esther Mary Reeves's party is the Green Party.

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Esther Mary Reeves's elections

Date Election Party Results Position
2024 Coventry North West: UK Parliamentary general election Green Party 3,420 votes (not elected) 4th / 6 candidates
2023 Holbrook: Coventry local election Green Party 1,566 votes (elected) 1st / 4 candidates
2022 Lower Stoke: Coventry local election Green Party 400 votes (not elected) 3rd / 5 candidates
2021 Lower Stoke: Coventry local election Green Party 393 votes (not elected) 3rd / 6 candidates
2019 Lower Stoke: Coventry local election Green Party 498 votes (not elected) 3rd / 5 candidates
2018 Lower Stoke: Coventry local election Green Party 214 votes (not elected) 4th / 6 candidates
2016 Lower Stoke: Coventry local election Green Party 227 votes (not elected) 4th / 5 candidates
Please note our local elections database only goes back to 2016.

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