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Jason Shopland

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Jason Shopland was the Active For Plymouth candidate in Ham in the Plymouth local election . They got 287 votes. Our volunteers have been adding information on Jason Shopland - here's everything we know so far!

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Personal profile: https://www.facebook.com/jason.shopland.562
Public page: https://www.facebook.com/ForPlymouth/
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Party Chairman (Jason Shopland)
I have passion for my city and country and I love the city and country that I was born and live in.

I am no politician, I am not politically correct and I wake up on many of occasions and think ''I wish I never said or wrote that'' and I am a born and bread Janner so please understand my type and speech as I have no intention of reading the Oxford dictionary but don't worry to much, as have you actually talked to the people who run our city?

I have been a member of two political parties and I have voted for two but not the same two. In my younger years I voted for Labour a few times and when I stood for UKIP in the 2015 local elections I voted for the Tories.

I left UKIP as I felt they lacked conviction locally and they never locally stood against a bad press who are involved with one of the main local political parties. I moved on and helped setup the Plymouth Independents. From the very start I said it would fail as we had too many ex Labour members involved and the party was in a way like UKIP and frighted because of the local press to say what they feel. I did not bother to give out flyers and just left my name on the ballot paper.

I feel that something must be said or done about the state of Plymouth, it's lack of ambition and it's waste of city funds. I may not be the man to sort this problem out but I will try to open peoples eyes.

We live in a city where the ruling party now has less votes than the losing party and we live in a city where the council leader has only around 2000 votes from a city of 260,000 people, this is not democracy.

We live in a city with a closed viable Airport and we live in a city next to the sea with no cruise liner port.

The only ambition I see from the council is to build more student flats when we have 2000 too many already. Students are great for the city but we need travel links so we can gain investment from business and industry. If we gained investment from business and industry we would become able to keep students in the city after they graduate and by doing this they would add to the city and pay council tax in the city. Where is the plan for this from the council? Well unless you think that building houses on a runway is good for flight paths then there is no plan.

The Hoe and the city's history has been run into the ground for the last 30 years but now the Mayflower celebrations are coming the council is borrowing more money to clean the city up, why was this not always done? why have they not been promoting the city constantly?

The city is in around 150 MILLION pounds of LOBO loan debt alone and on top of the rest of the debts this means that when the council tell you that we have a black hole of 2 MILLION pounds, what they really mean is that we pay over 2 MILLION pounds in debt interest each year alone and we pay almost 2.5 MILLION pound in debt repayments. You can only borrow for so long before you must pay it all back and this is what leads to austerity. If we do not stop spending and borrowing the city will have to cut more services because there is no money.

Under Blair and local Labour the council house stock was sold to PCH and now we have a mass shortage of social housing. I believe we must build social housing before we build student flats.

The rules for social housing needs to change and local people who have lived in the area for the majority of their life should have priority over anyone from outside the area.

Social care needs more funding and why the council allowed the council run care homes to close I shall never understand. The council may say they were forced to do so but I did not hear them shouting and kicking about the idea. I want to help the elderly more and more each day.

Crime in Plymouth is not as bad as other cities throughout the UK but as you know what happens in other cities does come here at a later date.

I believe our police force has been run down and I believe that the PC culture of the UK has not helped to defend the innocent. I think that the police should be out on the streets and not worrying about how upset someone is as they were called a bad word on social media. I believe if you harm a person or child with intent then you should face a harsh punishment without being sat in a prison cell with a kilogram of drugs and a mobile phone.

I believe in equality and I believe that the best person for a job should get the job and the job should not be given to someone because of their race or gender. I believe in welcoming people from overseas in a controlled manner.

I could keep writing for hours and you would probably never read all of it anyway but I will say that I do want to change this city for the better and I will make an effort and do whatever I can to help my city and country.

The ONLY way we can actually help our city and country is by registering to vote, voting or standing in an election. In the last council election only 25% of the city voted. The rest did not vote or did not register to vote. Now we are run by a council who hold around about 10% of the actual possible vote of the city.

You may not agree with me and I may not even like you but we can start something and we can start the change to make a difference for the better and even if we just take votes from the main parties that will make them up their game and that is a positive outcome for all.

Laugh, swear or shout at me, I will do what I believe is right for my city and I hope you join me and if not, I am going to do it ANYWAY as I believe in Plymouth. Jason Shopland

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Active For Plymouth

Jason Shopland's local party is the Active For Plymouth.

@Active4Plymouth on Twitter

https://www.facebook.com/ForPlymouth/ on Facebook

Active For Plymouth's website

Email forplymouth@outlook.com

Previous elections

This candidate has previously stood for election in:

  • 2019: The Plymouth local election, as the Active For Plymouth candidate for the Ham
  • 2016: The Plymouth local election, as the Plymouth Independents candidate for the Ham

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