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Fiona Radic

Fiona Radic is a Green Party candidate in Central in the Peterborough local election.

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    I am standing in May 2121 for Central Ward in Peterborough.

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    If elected, I’d like to get my teeth into dentistry, a service which collapsed during the pandemic. And also into planning, where changes in planning laws threaten our buildings and can massively lower our standard of living.

    As a result of investigating a new obstacle in an old drainage channel, I’m also interested in Peterborough’s drainage system. I already knew about the antiquated combined sewage and rainwater drains and that they are long overdue for replacement. But here was a forgotten historic drain. Of course, some of our drains are Roman and maybe even older. Surprisingly, some of the old drains may still be working and some may need cleaning and clearing. But I believe that the handover of the old Drainage Board’s property infrastructure to the Council might never have been fully completed back in the days of the Development Corporation. Recent flooding on St Pauls Road showed how much we need drains able to cope with our changing climate’s increasingly heavy and sudden rainfall.

    Central Ward is and remains one of the hardest hit areas during the Covid_19 pandemic and the reasons for this are primarily structural and many of these issues (overcrowding, insecure and self employment) are overdue for attention al every level. My own family had no idea how little the government respected the way we choose to work prior to the pandemic. So I understand how gig, self employed and freelance workers were impacted and I understand how that put them at risk of infection.

    I ran for a second time for the European Parliament in 2016 and this time we gained Eastern Region’s first ever MEP. This took me out across the county where there was strong support for the Greens in unexpected places.

    Since then, the loss of representation at the European level means that it is even more important that Peterborough gets parish councils established where there are none at present. Central Ward is not just missing budget and good jobs. It doesn’t have enough democratic representation to be able to sort out its problems: it has a major democratic deficit, not envisaged when Peterborough decided to become a unitary authority. In the ward, there is too much to do. Central needs a bigger team. Central has just three councillors and one MP. Other areas have a set of parish councillors plus a set of town councillors plus a set of district councillors and one MP. Elect me and I will help to put this right. In fact a vote for me IS a vote to parish Peterborough. For Central Ward, this would mean about a dozen new unpaid councillors - maybe more because it based on population - and a parish council budget not otherwise available (see deprivation above). An effective parish council takes time to develop but can do a lot.

    Fiona Radic stood for parliament in 2010 and 2017. She helped manage the successful Green Mayor Campaign in which Julie Howell kept her deposit, polling over 9% of first preference votes in Peterborough and proving strong core support in a city with strong environmental ambition. Julie Howell was subsequently elected to the city council in 2018 as Peterborough’s first Green city councillor and we now have a Green group on the council. Vote for me and I can join them and help make a difference.

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Previous Elections

Date Election Party Results
2019 Eastern: European Parliament (UK) elections Green Party 50,615 votes (not elected)
2019 Park: Peterborough local election Green Party 184 votes (not elected)
2018 Park: Peterborough local election Green Party 105 votes (not elected)
2017 Peterborough: 2017 General Election Green Party Vote count not available (not elected)
2016 Fletton & Stanground: Peterborough local election Green Party 237 votes (not elected)
2014 Eastern: European Parliament (UK) elections Green Party Vote count not available (not elected)
2010 Peterborough: UK Parliament elections Green Party 523 votes (not elected)

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