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Kirk Anthony Sandringham

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Kirk Anthony Sandringham was the Green Party candidate in Roby in the Knowsley local election . They got 1,002 votes. Our volunteers have been adding information on Kirk Anthony Sandringham - here's everything we know so far!

Party manifesto

Kirk Anthony Sandringham was the Green Party candidate. Find out more about their policies in the Green Party manifesto.

Statement to voters

Why vote for me on March 29th 2018?

I am proactive.

If there is a group or association that I feel will benefit our community I get involved. Whether that be friends of parks groups or resident’s associations. I believe in listening to people and helping those in need. As a former soldier who has served in trouble zones I am not fazed by the idea of holding this council to account.

I already work for the local community in my free time.

I run a community allotment aimed at getting people who are socially isolated out into the community, making new friends and gaining skills.

I live in the area unlike the other candidates.

Both the Labour and conservative candidates live in affluent Knowsley village, which is a far cry from Page Moss. They do not suffer first hand from infestations of rats fleeing nearby house building programmes or witness the increase in violent crime as we do.

I fight for our parks.

I along with another resident formed “Save Huyton Parks” (formerly “Save Jubilee Park"). We fought for Jubilee Park when it was under threat and have not stopped there. We will continue to fight for ALL of our parks, my main focus is on Alt Park as it is in our ward, however I work with other groups supporting the retention of all of our green spaces.

My children are growing up here, as did I.

It is in my best interests to ensure that everyone living and growing up here can be the best they can be. That means removing obstacles hindering progress and putting in place the means to acquire the skills we need to thrive. I will work long and hard to see that the people in our ward are no longer left at the mercy of this councils often poor decision making.

I am accountable.

As I live here you will see me around, if not working in the ward then out shopping or attending events. I will always have time to take up any issues or follow up any recommendations. We will only make Page Moss work as a community if we work together.

I am not a nodding dog.

We see Labour councillors serving at town or parish level as well as serving as borough councillors. It is not unknown for them to vote one way (at town level) and then totally contradict themselves by voting against their own motions when the main council meet. I will vote in support of residents without internal or external party pressure.

I put people before any political party.

Whilst I stand under a Green Party banner and agree with most party policies it is you I will serve, my friends and neighbours. Page Moss has no need for a UKIP councillor, we have no border issues with Dovecot! A one issue party will not solve problems at a local level. The fact the conservatives are standing is an indication of how vulnerable they believe Labour are here after years of stagnation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. It is very much appreciated.


[Statement posted to Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Huytongreens/posts/2183939895169910]

This statement was added by Kirk Anthony Sandringham, their team, or by a Democracy Club volunteer, based on information published by the candidate elsewhere.

Knowsley Green Party

Kirk Anthony Sandringham's local party is the Knowsley Green Party.

@knowsleygreens on Twitter

https://www.facebook.com/knowsleygreens/ on Facebook

Knowsley Green Party's website

Email victoria.ruth.smart@gmail.com

Previous elections

This candidate has previously stood for election in:

  • 2019: The Knowsley local election, as the Green Party candidate for the Roby
  • 2018: The Knowsley local election, as the Green Party candidate for the Page Moss
  • 2018: The Knowsley local election, as the Green Party candidate for the Page Moss
  • 2016: The Knowsley local election, as the Green Party candidate for the Page Moss

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