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John Richardson

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John Richardson was an independent candidate in Pendle in the UK Parliament elections . They got 268 votes. Our volunteers have been adding information on John Richardson - here's everything we know so far!

Statement to voters

vote for John Richardson . here to represent the people of pendle. not a party. here to support good policy not bad party politics. vote for me as a independent MP and bring back real democracy where I can support what is best for the people of pendle rather than what's best for a party.
My name is John Richardson independent candidate for Pendle
Im the first to admit im the underdog in these elections, im not expecting to win but I do expect to make changes, however I am hoping to be the place you might put your cross if your disillusioned with mainstream politics as I am. If your saying to yourself I wouldn’t vote for any of them then that leaves me.
If you (like myself) are tired of the mainstream political parties being more concerned about how bad the other party is doing rather than how good they should be doing, then show your disappointment by voting for me. If 10% of the voting population vote for me then maybe, just maybe the mainstream parties will stop and reflect.
I’m not here to split the vote, whoever will win will win. But if your traditionally labour but won’t put Jeremy Corbyn or Dianne abbot in No10 or you normally vote tory but don’t trust Boris Johnson then vote for me, If I take 5% vote from both the mainstream parties, then they will have to sit up and listen realising the people have spoken loud and clear that they’re not happy with there conduct.
However, im not here just to make up the numbers, I do have progressive plans for Pendle and even though I don’t believe I can win I do believe I can make changes. And I ask you all to go to my face book page which is john richardson 4 Pendle MP and look down my page at my ideas for Pendle, take the time to read each suggestion and give it a thumbs up or an angry face and even offer constructive criticism. If you like what you see, then whoever wins in Pendle can take on the ideas and I’m willing to work with our new MP from either party to bring these plans to reality.
Ive got plans on security for Pendle, along with plans to increase our ability to be more self sufficient create jobs and attract investment through tourism and technology

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Previous elections

This candidate has previously stood for election in:

  • 2019: The UK Parliament elections, as the Independent candidate for the Pendle
  • 2016: The Pendle local election, as the Labour Party candidate for the Marsden

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