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Mark Keir

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Mark Keir was the Green Party candidate in Hillingdon East in the Hillingdon local election . They got 59 votes. Our volunteers have been adding information on Mark Keir - here's everything we know so far!

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Dear voter,
Humanity is destroying its home.
Our existence is not assured. And it’s close, very close. My daughter’s generation will be hugely affected, drought, flood, fire, famine warfare.....who knows what else? Right now we are seeing climate change, rising temperatures across the globe that defy claims of weather anomalies, ice caps melting and sliding, permafrosts thawing, wildfires breaking out even in rainforests, less predictable and more violent weather. Already across the world communities and even whole cultures are disintegrating and disappearing.
We must change, business as usual is driving us to catastrophe. This beautiful Earth that is our home, feeds us and nourishes us, will soon no longer be able to do so. We are not finished yet, but time is running out fast. Nothing can be more important.
Nothing exemplifies the fatal disregard to our home and our future better than hideous projects like HS2 and Heathrow expansion, devastating our environment, our communities, our water supply and the air we breathe.
I do not believe leaving Europe offers any solutions we need. Brexit will give you no more control. The British Parliament is every bit as grey, obtuse and devious as the European Parliament. Both Parliaments need overhauling at best. However, the real issues that face us now, demand co-operation. Division and self-interest are humanity’s enemy.
I believe only the Green Party offer real understanding of the most important issue facing us today. As your Green Party candidate I pledge my every waking Parliamentary hour to making the world a place on which we and future generations can live sustainably and peacefully. I do not believe however, that any party has all the answers, so I also pledge to reach out to you and invite your participation at every possible opportunity.
Nor do I think that politics only happens in Parliament or town halls. I will always encourage your engagement through peaceful activism, as part of your democratic rights. I will continue to stand in front of HS2 bulldozers and will be ready to disrupt expansion of Heathrow, I will continue to rebel for the planet with Extinction Rebellion and I will welcome you all to join me. You will not be heard only by means of a cross on a piece of paper once every 5 years.
We still have a beautiful future possible, one with a very different organisation to our present. We have to work fast and work hard to get there. Please, vote for me, and join me in that work.

This statement was added by Mark Keir, their team, or by a Democracy Club volunteer, based on information published by the candidate elsewhere.

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