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Rob Wilson

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Rob Wilson was the Liberal Democrats candidate in Enfield, Southgate in the UK Parliament elections . They got 4,344 votes. Our volunteers have been adding information on Rob Wilson - here's everything we know so far!

Party manifesto

Rob Wilson was the Liberal Democrats candidate. Find out more about their policies in the Liberal Democrats manifesto.

Statement to voters


I am standing because I believe not only on our strong position on Europe but I am a firm believer in what I believe are core Liberal values. These are to enable people to be the best they can be, back them, believe in them. But we pay fair taxes which means those that have done well help those who have done less so.

I look at what passes for politics these days and I am appalled. What would have been considered extreme just a few years ago is now seen as mainstream. There is a vitriol and hatred that has entered our national discourse and I believe it shames us. Just because someone doesn’t agree with something it doesn’t make them a traitor or the many things we hear. What would have been shocking is now just accepted. Well I don’t accept it. We must defend our values of equality, social justice and a fair kind and compassionate society for all because we are very close to losing them for ever. Our children growing up now will see our current state of affairs as normal. If we do nothing how can we blame them if they grow up and carry it on.

However you vote, please vote on December 12th.

Thank you,


This statement was added by Rob Wilson, their team, or by a Democracy Club volunteer, based on information published by the candidate elsewhere.

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Previous elections

This candidate has previously stood for election in:

  • 2019: The UK Parliament elections, as the Liberal Democrats candidate for the Enfield, Southgate
  • 2018: The Enfield local election, as the Liberal Democrats candidate for the Bush Hill Park
  • 2018: The Enfield local election, as the Liberal Democrats candidate for the Grange

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