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Gary Dillon

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Gary Dillon was the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate in Charlton in the Greenwich local election. They were elected with 2,487 votes. Our volunteers have been adding information on Gary Dillon - here's everything we know so far!

Statement to voters

Gary Dillon:

Labour / Co-operative Candidate for Charlton Ward Councillor

Let me introduce myself

I am a passionate member of the Charlton community where my family and I have lived for the past 18 years.
I have lived in the Borough almost all my life. Growing up on the Abbey Wood Estate and attending the local schools.

I went on to complete an apprenticeship at the Angerstein works in Charlton where I qualified as a Carpenter and joiner for the British Rail chief civil engineering department.

I left BR to set up my own company covering every aspect of the Music and Entertainment industry.

I am a member of the Charlton Society’s Executive Committee and their Planning Group.
The Charlton Society is a long standing community action group which campaigns on behalf of the residents on a whole range of issues that have an impact on the area; planning , transport, , environment and conservation.

I am a member of the Greenwich Co-operative party ( https://party.coop/ )

I am also an online member of the following community Groups:
The Central Charlton Residents Association, The Charlton Residents Association, The Charlton Park Community Hub and The valley Hill hub.
These groups help to keep me in touch with the challenges and issues that the community is currently facing.

I am a local School Governor at Thorntree Infant/Primary School

I am a Parent Governor Representative for primary schools on The Royal Borough of Greenwich’s Children and Young People’s Scrutiny Panel and The Schools Forum.

I have been a business mentor for young people on the Princes Trust. I have shared my facilities, knowledge and experience to help other young people start up businesses.

I have also been a member of Islington and Westminster Councils (Pubs & Clubs )Licensing forums when I had business interests in those areas.

I am a member of Knowledge Hub, The Planning Advisory Service online forum.
This provides a clearer understanding of planning Issues through open
discussion. https://khub.net/group/planningadvisoryservicepas

I now work part time as a consultant on a wide range of subjects, from Construction, Marketing and Promotion to Business Development. I also share parental duties as my wife works full time as a local Dentist.

I stand for equality and fairness for all, and I bring these values to everything I do

What I believe in:

⦁ Education: ensuring that all our children to have an equal opportunity to have access to a good standard of education
⦁ I am opposed to the forced academisation of our schools.
⦁ More practical skill training and full term trade apprenticeships for Young people
⦁ More accessible new skill training for unemployed
⦁ Affordable and Social housing: I will work ensure that full quotas of affordable and social housing are reached and supplied quickly to those in need of them.
⦁ Environment: improve air quality and minimise traffic congestion. Closer scrutiny of development proposals finding a good balance between community needs and regeneration.
⦁ I would raise awareness of the community facilities such as waste and recycling management in an effort to stop fly tipping.
⦁ Make sure we have a Clean and Healthy place to live
⦁ Transport: I would encourage greater use of public transport through the continued improvement of our transport links and infastructure.
⦁ Health care : we must maintain good health care for the disabled and elderly and improve provisions for mental care. I would continue to fight the systematic privatisation of the NHS.

I am hard working and results driven and I have always conducted myself with integrity. I believe I have the skills and the knowledge, both local and general, to be an effective Labour / Co-operative Councillor working hard for the residents of Charlton.
Through my work and personal experiences, I have become skilled at undertaking case work, creating detailed statements and compiling evidence. This is invaluable when assisting people within the community

I am an extremely versatile person with a wealth of knowledge covering a wide range of subjects and have a vast experience that I can be drawn upon as your councillor.
Being a part of an active, diverse team of Labour Councillors for this ward will help improve the quality of life for the people in our community.

I feel that I can be an effective representative for all the people of Charlton. I will give a detailed account of my activities and produce regular updates of casework progress. I will conduct street/park/ estate walkabouts picking up and identifying the issues concerning people

I have seen many changes to our area over the years. We are entering a time of immense change for Charlton and the Borough with increasing developments and greater pressures these place on our resources.
I believe that we as a community need energetic people who are committed to upholding our rights and ensuring the best for our residents now and for future generations.

It would be an honour and a privilege for me to serve the community as one of your Labour / Co-operative councillors

My colleagues and I would greatly appreciate your support on Thursday May 3rd 2018
Thank you for your time and Consideration

Gary Dillon

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This candidate has previously stood for election in:

  • 2018: Greenwich local election, as the Labour and Co-operative Party candidate for Charlton

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