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Bryan Foster

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Bryan Foster was the UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate in the constituency of Washington and Sunderland West in the 2017 General Election. Our volunteers have been adding information on Bryan Foster - here's everything we know so far!

Statement to voters

UKIP pledge to invest £11 Billion into the NHS and Social Care will directly improve the patients, elderly and vulnerable but it will also help provide jobs for doctors, nurses, technicians, carers recruited and trained in the UK.

Raising the threshold for paying income tax to £13,500 per annum, cutting tax for middle earners, scrapping the licence fees and cutting VAT on household bills will make all of our lives a bit easier and put more money back into our economy.

Pensioner incomes will be protected and 100,000 homes will be built for younger people, but NOT on Greenbelt land. Disability and carer’s benefits will be protected.

Many of our young people join the Forces, UKIP will put a huge amount of additional money into our defence and will fund 20,000 more police officers, 7,000 more prison officers and 4,000 more border staff. These are all initiatives that will provide job opportunities and make our country safer.

Trade deals with other major growing and vibrant economies will secure economic growth, bring more jobs and thriving business and a cut in business rates for small businesses will help our local economy to expand, but at the same time UKIP plan to crack down on Corporate Tax dodging by the big companies.

UKIP has a unique policy for reviving our coastal communities and villages, which will help the whole coastline from Berwick down to Teesside. No other party is promising this, they have forgotten the north east, until of course they want our votes.

In conclusion, ALL of UKIP’s policies have an impact on the north east, a beneficial impact on the people, the business, the buildings, infrastructure, democracy and culture of the North East.

None of UKIP’s policies will have a negative impact: we will have better lives.

Source: http://www.sunderlandecho.com/news/politics/meet-the-candidates-washington-and-sunderland-west-mp-contenders-bid-for-your-vote-in-the-general-election-1-8578299

This statement was added by Bryan Foster, their team, or by a Democracy Club volunteer, based on information published by the candidate elsewhere.

Previous elections

This candidate has previously stood for election in:

  • 2017: The 2017 General Election, as the UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for the Washington and Sunderland West
  • 2016: The Sunderland local election, as the UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for the Sandhill
  • 2015: The 2015 General Election, as the UK Independence Party (UKIP) candidate for the Member of Parliament for Sunderland Central

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