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    London is dear to me – it always has been, and always will be.

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    It’s a remarkable city, thanks to an incredible mix of people and cultures, a remarkable history, and the spirit and attitudes that pervade this capital.

    It’s my home, and my family’s home, and we all know it’s had a tough time of it lately. There is work to be done, hard work, in London, and it needs a Mayor who puts the city’s needs ahead of his own political ambitions.

    That’s why, as your next Mayor, my plan for London focuses on:

    - Getting London Back to Work -

    I believe that reinvigorating our economy may be our most important priority, one which will help improve the lives of everyone in our city, including business owners, workers and public service employees.

    We must ensure London has the resilience to build back better for all residents, wherever they’re from, whatever their profession. London should be leading the way in finding ways to flourish despite the challenges of Covid-19, not just in Britain but globally.

    - Building Family Homes -

    Put simply, we plan to build 150,000 homes by the end of 2022 and 100,000 a year after.

    Our plan would see the creation of a London-wide Development Corporation using 5,700 acres of TfL land (an area the size of the Borough of Camden).

    Our housing policy will help ensure,

    - Key workers have access to good family accommodation
    - We vastly increase the proportion of social and affordable housing

    - Transforming our Transport -

    TfL was in serious financial trouble years before COVID hit. Solving the current budget crisis will require more than blame game politics.

    Our plan to reform transport across London includes,

    - The modernisation of our underground system and its outdated finances
    - Giving communities a say in traffic calming measures, instead of imposing them – sometimes illegally – from City Hall
    - A plan to extract value from 5,700 acres of land across London owned by TfL, ensuring that our transport network has the money it requires

    - Tackling Crime and its Causes -

    London cannot police its way out of the problems around violent crime; a workable solution requires much more than simply handing out tougher sentences and adopting a more confrontational approach.

    - We need a community-led strategy that ensures police receive better training, focussed on working in communities and ensuring those communities have a real voice in the solutions required.
    - Helping communities and the police to adequately report local issues and create a greater visibility around this will also help and can be driven through a digitisation agenda, ensuring greater depth of knowledge and transparency on both city-wide and local issues.
    - We want to bring in more corporate responsibility programmes to help properly fund community centres and ensure families have the resources they need to ensure a safe, educationally driven, environment in which to succeed.

    Getting the basics right early will ensure we stop criminalising young people and ensure our communities have the resources they need to thrive.

    - Dialling up the digital -

    As your next Mayor, I will make this great city Digital First with the following plans,

    - Free high speed broadband for all residents, regardless of location, income, and job status. By delivering this one thing we can ensure all Londoners have the opportunity to live their best lives and contribute to the prosperity and culture of this great city.

    - Investing resources to promote and incubate our technology startup sector, ensuring we are known throughout the world as leaders in digital: by doing so, we will create new businesses, jobs and revenues for the benefit of all.

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