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Shazna Muzammil

Shazna Muzammil is a Conservative and Unionist Party candidate in Birmingham Ladywood constituency in the UK Parliamentary general election.

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Shazna Muzammil's policies

Statement to voters

For too long, the constituency has been sidelined and neglected by those who were supposed to champion its needs.

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No more excuses. The people of this community deserve action, not just words—they deserve leadership that delivers rather than disappoints.

Shazna Muzammil is committed to turning these goals into reality because the residents deserve a home and a community that are cherished and safeguarded for future generations. Her plan, crafted by listening to the voices and concerns of the community, reflects a deep understanding of what needs to change. She is ready to champion these causes vigorously.

Her drive is fueled by the trust and support of the community, and she hopes to earn that trust and support to deliver real results.

Join Shazna, and let's work hard together to make our community a place we all feel PROUD to call home. She is dedicated to ensuring that every voice is heard and that every action taken is in the best interest of those she aims to serve.

Shazna Muzammil, Parliamentary Candidate for Birmingham Ladywood said:

“The current Labour leadership has let Birmingham Ladywood down—The Labour MP has forgotten her residents. The Labour Council’s mismanagement of funds has meant more burden on the people, libraries have closed, and services have been reduced. The Labour PCC have shut down police stations, crime has increased, and drug dealers are dealing openly on our high streets. This is absolutely unacceptable. We should be proud of our city, and I am committed to restoring that, making our streets safe and holding the Labour Council accountable. I will listen to you, bring in the investment, and deliver the changes we desperately need here. We can rebuild our community where everyone feels secure and valued. It’s time for change.”

Please find 'My Plan for Birmingham Ladywood' below:

1. Strengthening Our Local Economy

Birmingham Ladywood has lower average incomes and higher unemployment rates than the national average. Only by strengthening our local economy can we improve the livelihoods of our constituents. For far too long, the current Labour MP has not acted. I will fight to secure necessary Government and private sector investments to boost our local economy and create high-quality jobs for our residents.

2. More Police for Safer Streets and Communities

We have the highest knife crime in the country. It is not a statistic that we can be proud of, nor does it make us feel confident of our safety. Violent crime and drugs are widespread within the constituency, and yet around 30 police stations in high-crime areas are due for closure. The safety of our residents is non-negotiable, and I am committed to holding the Labour Police and Crime Commissioner accountable and will work diligently to improve community policing and implement programs to support at-risk youth, making our neighbourhoods safer for everyone.

3. Regeneration by prioritising residents and upgrading council homes to meet decent home standards

Affordability and availability of quality housing is a key concern which has resulted in overcrowding and homelessness. I am committed to working closely with the Council to revitalise the housing strategy. During the consultations on the Birmingham Ladywood Regeneration Plan, it is crucial that the council enables every resident and business owner to participate in the consultation process, and I will ensure that every voice is heard.

The people of Birmingham Ladywood deserve to live in homes that are suitable for living and raising families. The council has failed in its duty to support those living in council homes, and many are living in deplorable conditions. I will fight to ensure that the council brings these homes up to decent home standards.

4. Save our libraries, extend services and invest in Education and Skills to boost opportunities

Education will be a key priority for me. Despite Birmingham having the most number of world class higher education institutions outside of London, our constituency is lagging with lower rates of progression to higher education. A focus on early childhood education is imperative for us to progress, and I am committed to ensuring every child receives a top-quality education. Further, up-skilling our youth in line with the job market is crucial for building a successful future. I will fight Labour’s Parent tax, which will stop children from receiving the best education they can have and will also burden SEND students. I will also fight for funding related to early childhood education, ensure access to apprenticeship schemes and work to enhance educational opportunities and career pathways, prepare our youth to thrive in their careers and contribute positively to our community.

5. Combatting fly-tipping and making our area clean and tidy for all

The council has failed Birmingham Ladywood. There is litter and fly-tipping everywhere, along with rat infestations and dangerous abandoned buildings that contribute to high levels of crime in the area. I am committed to holding the council accountable for the services residents deserve, addressing the rat infestation, installing CCTV in fly-tipping hotspots, and collaborating with the council to find solutions to the littering problem. It's time to bring back pride in Birmingham.

6. Ending Homelessness and Rough Sleeping by providing suitable accommodation

It is unacceptable that some of our residents are sleeping on the streets. Everyone should have access to a safe and stable home. I am committed to collaborating with local communities to make this a reality. I will work towards eliminating homelessness through targeted investments and partnerships with local charities and the private sector, ensuring everyone can access safe and stable housing and have access to food and opportunities.

This statement was last updated on June 14, 2024.

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Shazna Muzammil is the Conservative and Unionist Party candidate. Find out more about their policies in the Conservative and Unionist Party manifesto.

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Shazna Muzammil's elections

Date Election Party Results Position
2024 Birmingham Ladywood: UK Parliamentary general election Conservative and Unionist Party (Results due after 04 July 2024) Position not available
2022 Tattenhoe: Milton Keynes local election Conservative and Unionist Party 1,167 votes (elected) 1st / 4 candidates
2021 Bletchley East: Milton Keynes local election Conservative and Unionist Party 1,332 votes (not elected) 2nd / 6 candidates
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