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Leo Francis Lanahan

Leo Francis Lanahan is a Scottish Family Party candidate in Coatbridge and Bellshill constituency in the UK Parliamentary general election.

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Leo Francis Lanahan's policies

Statement to voters

The fundamental values that underpin our society are being eroded and so we are offering a fresh perspective that focuses on the family, marriage and a pro life message.

Full statement

. The family is a source of joy that underpins society and the state should not take the place of the family but provide support to enable the family to raise children according to their beliefs and values. Strong families and parenthood should be honoured as a high calling through which many of the seemingly intractable problems in society could be better addressed.
Society needs a healthy democratic enviornement with openness and improved accountability especially at a local level. Public debate and information should not be dominated by central Government funded agencies or charities who simply promote the ruling parties agenda. Introducing referenda when the government is ignoring the will of a majority would enhance the participation of people in political decision making.
The Scottish Family Party does not support Hate Crime legislation and believes that men and women naturally have different interests and priorities. We wish to see society unified rather than divided by identity based politics that divides people into oppressors and oppressed causing people to feel afraid to express their beliefs even in their own home. We support freedom of religion and freedom of speech.
In schools policies such as the 'named person approach' treat parents as secondary to professionals or experts and the focus should move instead to educational rigour rather than the subjective approach of the curriculumn for excellence.
The taxation system should make allowances transferrable so that insread of taxing individuals separetly the family is taxed as a whole with allowances for dependent children so that one parent can remain at home to dedicate his or her time to home life. Council Tax should be discounted when the family has children.
The law should reflect the fact that life begins at conception with protection for the child in the womb and the Scottish Family Party wishes to see better support with independent counselling and the involvement of fathers in decision-making. The denial of prolife coinselling to women and exploration of adoption for the child is very damaging to women and the voice of prolife politicians need to be heard in Holyrood.
As a prolife party the Scottish Family Party will oppose euthansia.

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Leo Francis Lanahan's elections

Date Election Party Results Position
2024 Coatbridge and Bellshill: UK Parliamentary general election Scottish Family Party (Results due after 04 July 2024) Position not available
2023 Bellshill: North Lanarkshire local by-election Scottish Family Party We do not collect voting data for Single Transferable Vote elections. Position not available
2022 Coatbridge North: North Lanarkshire local election Scottish Family Party We do not collect voting data for Single Transferable Vote elections. Position not available
2021 Coatbridge and Chryston: Scottish Parliament elections (Constituencies) Scottish Family Party 411 votes (not elected) 5th / 5 candidates
2021 Central Scotland: Scottish Parliament elections (Regions) Scottish Family Party Not elected (vote count not available) Position not available
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