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Tony Gill

Tony Gill is a candidate in Hobbayne in the Ealing local by-election. They received 48 votes.

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    Dear Fellow Resident, I’m a transport worker in London and an RMT union member.

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    I’ve served as a Local Health and Safety Rep in my work place for 7 years. I have lived in Hanwell, W7 since 1982.

    I strongly feel that the time for change is now! Working class people have seen
    their lives and livelihoods put on the line during this pandemic. But Starmer’s Labour has failed to stand up to the Tories, both locally and nationally. The three main parties have long taken ordinary people for a ride.

    We need a whole new political party that will be a genuine political voice for the working class. Since 2010, Ealing Labour council has passed on austerity and cuts from the Tory government without fighting back. It has led to our local public and council services being dismantled. For every £1 Ealing received from the Main Government in 2010, it now gets 36p - with no resistance from the Labour Council. This council will no doubt cut more council jobs and services using Covid and the pandemic to justify further austerity.

    But why should working people continue to pay for the financial crisis of 12 years ago, and be expected to pay further for the Covid crisis. Meanwhile the elitist rich 1% have increased their wealth by a third under this pandemic.

    Increasing Council tax and charges on residents only makes individuals cover the costs of the pandemic. Instead the Council should use its £67 million reserves, and borrowing powers, to set a no cuts budget and fully fund our vital services, and launch a genuine fight against the Tories through this way. At the same time, it should launch a mass grassroots campaign to restore the money stolen by Central Government from Ealing since 2010.

    We Need A People's Budget!

    Passing on Tory austerity, like Labour councils have been doing for the last decade, clearly hasn’t worked. Each year, Labour councils cry crocodile tears while making further cuts. They consult residents on what to cut. But we say let us tell the council what we need! The pandemic has shown the money is there in a crisis. But we say there is still a crisis of public services. Councils also have reserves and borrowing powers. We want to produce a People's Budget that meets the needs of Ealing residents. If you agree, don't just vote for us, but join us!

    We need councillors who are going to stand up in the interests of peoples’ needs.

    End the Housing Crisis & Build Council Housing!

    Gentrification is turning Ealing into a concrete jungle filled with tiny flats that are way above the market value, and most certainly not affordable to many ordinary people. This doesn’t help solve the housing crisis or help the 12,000 families on the council waiting list. This leads to both further social cleansing and further dismantling of the structure of our local community.

    We say we need council housing, which is eco-friendly and affordable to heat.

    The council has allowed families to live in damp housing on the High Lane estate for too long. We say it is a mistake that nearly 300 of the new homes on the estate will be at market rents - they should be council homes.

    Private renting costs are sky high; we should bring them down with rent controls to ensure everyone can afford somewhere to live. Some of these new developments taking place in Ealing are being marketed abroad!

    We don't think that areas need to be over developed to end the housing crisis. Where there are 500,000 empty homes (of which Ealing does have its fair share of empty homes), sky high rents in the private sector and over priced flats being built. Tackling all these problems along side building council housing (wherever it is suitably possible) and with a genuine community agreement can make sure everyone has somewhere to live.

    Fund Youth Services and Clubs!

    Young people have been hit hard by a decade of austerity, and now the pandemic. Two thirds of those who lost their jobs in the pandemic were under 25. Ealing Council has cut 73% from youth service funding since 2010. We say invest in young people, fund the services they need and create jobs.

    No to undemocratic road closures! Yes to a massive increase in public transport funding!

    We oppose the council making undemocratic decisions on road and traffic management. We want to see less pollution, as well as safer and quieter streets for all. But closing roads and punitive measures against individuals at a time when the Labour Mayor of London plans to get rid of 150 bus routes, among other attacks
    on public transport, will not tackle air pollution.

    There should be a genuine democratic control over local road closures and other changes. A key part of which should be demanding a massive increase in government funding for public transport to make it
    greener, cheaper, more reliable and more frequent.

    Vote TUSC on September the 16th!

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Date Election Party Results
2021 Hobbayne: Ealing local election Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 56 votes (not elected)

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