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Sarah Butcher

Sarah Butcher is a Green Party candidate in Welwyn West in the Welwyn Hatfield local election.

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Sarah Butcher's policies

Statement to voters

My name is Sarah Butcher and I am standing for Borough Council in Welwyn West as your Green Party candidate.

Full statement

As an elected councillor I will be able to better represent resident’s views and can encourage more cross-party consensus on the council. Local government is for local people. Even one lone Green voice can change the debate, challenge the status quo and ensure local people concerned about local issues, social justice and climate change have an effective voice. Singlers Marsh becoming a village green is still a very important issue for many local people, not least as it will prevent overdevelopment nearby and protect our precious chalk river. I have consistently supported the application from the beginning of the campaign, when the Conservative-led Council initially opposed the application. For reasons never fully disclosed the Council still oppose the application and are intent on committing tens of thousands of pounds of local taxpayers' money to a legal battle against the will of residents. Village green status will not jeopardise any activity that takes place on there already, including the Welwyn Festival, but will protect it from development nearby. Green support for this issue has encouraged some councillors from other parties to change their mind on this application. The 240 house development that is planned adjacent to the Marsh would change the nature of that area forever and the resulting traffic and strain on local services would be huge. Welwyn housing has grown by over 30% since I’ve lived here which is considerably more than many other small villages in the Borough. It is time for the housing quotas to be spread more fairly. If I get elected to Council I will lobby for the Singlers Marsh application to be passed immediately. It is in the Council’s power to grant village green status right now and not one councillor has explained why it has not been granted. It is a colossal waste of money to fight this in the courts, taxpayers money that could be much more profitably spent elsewhere. If the council still refuse I believe it would be a good next step to have a public meeting about this matter. I have run the village litter pick (Welwyn Rubbish Action Group) for the last 14 years or so. Sadly there is always plenty to pick up, but hopefully our volunteers make our ward a more pleasant and tidy place. I liaise with the Council on reporting of litter and fly-tipping around the area. I would like to encourage expansion of Welwyn Rubbish Action Group to Oaklands and rural roads around Welwyn East and West. Roads and crossings are not the responsibility of the Borough Council but I would like to lobby for safer routes to school from Welwyn village. Due to the road layout walking towards Welwyn Garden City from Welwyn is particularly hazardous. I support 20mph in Welwyn and lower speed limits elsewhere around the ward. I would like to explore the possibility of getting more solar panels on schools, businesses, and public buildings. I have already made contact with a group in Hertford who have helped schools in Hertford install solar and am initiating a conversation with the local primary school. Also trying to find out if a community energy project might be possible .

This statement was last updated on April 14, 2024.

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Welwyn Hatfield Green Party

Sarah Butcher's local party is the Welwyn Hatfield Green Party.

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Sarah Butcher's elections

Date Election Party Results Position
2024 Welwyn West: Welwyn Hatfield local election Green Party (Results due after 02 May 2024) Position not available
2023 Welwyn West: Welwyn Hatfield local election Green Party 724 votes (not elected) 2nd / 4 candidates
2022 Welwyn West: Welwyn Hatfield local election Green Party 307 votes (not elected) 2nd / 4 candidates
2021 Haldens: Welwyn Hatfield local election Green Party 153 votes (not elected) 4th / 4 candidates

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