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Thalia Simone Marrington

Thalia Simone Marrington is a Liberal Democrats candidate in Camborne and Redruth constituency in the UK Parliamentary general election.

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I'm Standing for ' better' politics and a fairer, stronger Cornwall.

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I want to genuinely help and support people. As a local person right in the heart of the community who is approachable, a good listener and empathetic I KNOW I can make a difference.

I'm a mum and have taught music in St Buryan, Mousehole, Newlyn, Trythall, Ludgvan Mounts Bay and other schools over the past decade. Currently I teach piano in Mounts Bay and Ludgvan Schools. Before this I worked for a government initiative that worked with Schools in Penwith and on the Lizard and was about promoting creativity and skills for 21st Century teaching. Crucially, this role was about 'change' and needed people to trust and work together. I believe my work during this time would stand me in good stead in trying to resolve issues and matters that may straddle different sectors and cross many agendas.

I think we are at a critical point politically at the moment with the Climate Emergency and Covid. The only way now to make sure 'we're ok' is to make sure everyone is 'ok.' We can no longer just avoid these things that we may not like but have to face up to the reality of them. I have been motivated to stand as I feel it is so important that we don't go back to the same old 'normal' of before but we demand better from our elected representatives. I'm not a fan of three word slogans and sound bites, a media intent on keeping itself in business by pitting parties or people against one another, and politicians often more ego driven than 'people and principles' driven. So I want to enter the fray as someone who IS motivated purely by a desire to help people and make a difference and who has got values and principles. I (and you) deserve people at the very least who are in it for the right reasons. It should not take a footballer and overwhelming public feeling for a government to realise it is doing the wrong thing. Nor should it be difficult for a strong leader to 'cancel' Christmas when it was obvious that this was going to have horrendous implications. This was the one time for me when I needed to trust in government and for me, it simply wasn't there.

But what I did see though was how at this moment people stepped up into that void. I watched first hand as communities and people came together. The positivity and support that came out of such an overwhelming situation was incredible and we HAVE to build from this. I believe in people and this is what has inspired me to do my bit. I believe that mostly we are tolerant, compassionate and kind but I also feel that in more recent times we have become a country divided; we seem unable to move forwards or upwards out of this and sometimes our worst sides are 'played to' by the media and politicians. I believe we must actively seek to find the things that connect us in order to grow a healthy, sustainable and secure future for all. I have never been one to give up on problems but try to find the commmonality and links between people to enable resolution and find a shared way ahead. I believe I would make a strong councillor, able to listen to and 'hear' your issues, fears and concerns. It has been humbling walking around this division these past weeks and gaining a small insight into the issues that affect us. Some I was aware of and others have made me open my eyes. All I know is that I am not one to shy away from difficult issues and like getting to the bottom of things. I know most things are not black and white. I also am not one to give up! There is ALWAYS a solution if you have the will and the tenacity to keep at it! I would stand up for everyone and ensure that ALL voices are heard. I would strive to help everyone feel proud of and that they are a real part of this community and locality. We deserve to feel confident in our future but must realise that we all have a part to play given the climate emergency and must take this on together. Thank you for reading. I will do my level best for people if elected and genuinely feel I can offer a fresh, positive and determined approach.

This statement was last updated on May 7, 2021.

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One of those soft, squidgy cookie type things with lumps of chocolate in - yum!

Thalia Simone Marrington's elections

Date Election Party Results Position
2024 Camborne and Redruth: UK Parliamentary general election Liberal Democrats (Results due after 04 July 2024) Position not available
2021 Mousehole, Newlyn & St Buryan: Cornwall local election Liberal Democrats 1,008 votes (elected) 1st / 3 candidates
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