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James Douglas Wilson Clark

James Douglas Wilson Clark was a Scottish Eco-Federalist Party (SEFP) candidate in Jedburgh and District in the Scottish Borders local by-election.

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Statement to voters

I'm standing in the Scottish Borders Council by-election in the Jedburgh and District ward, under the banner of the Scottish Eco-Federalist Party (SEFP).

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My reasons are similar to the reasons I last stood for Council. The main reason is that I'm trying to demonstrate support for a party primarily concerned with climate action but isn't pro-independence, anti-nuclear or anti-defence (ie an alternative to the Greens). I am aware that independence and defence policies aren't local government issues, but often people vote to make a point about national issues.

The aim of the SEFP isn't to undermine the Greens (and I endorse voting the Greens above everybody other than myself in this election) but to pick up the votes of those who are concerned about climate change but are alienated by the Greens' side policies.

As a point of principle, I am taking a genuine interest in local politics in the Scottish Borders, in good faith, and I very much intend to do right by my constituents if I get elected. I would relish being able to advance a sustainability and renewable energy agenda in a governing body, and being able to properly scrutinise the more established politicians.

My default mode of transport is buses and I’m very familiar with the associated issues. Problem is we’re in a vicious circle where extending the bus services is difficult to justify whilst too few people use them. What we need is to actively encourage more use of public transport, whilst improving and restoring services on a limited budget. I’m supportive of restoring the Borders railway network and renewable energy projects. I’m also wary of the fact that Councils throughout Scotland are running out of money, so I’m reluctant to make money-dependent promises for fear of having to break them.

I am under no illusions about my prospects, this is very much an uphill battle, as I lack the same publicity, resources and activist support available to candidates of more established parties. I'm also aware of my questionable sales skills, but I am hoping what I stand for and what I offer can speak for themselves. I take pride in my honesty, openness and straightforward manner. Whilst that can be to my detriment, a reputation of integrity is very valuable. If I beat even just the Lib Dems or the Greens, I will have made a point and it will have been worth the effort.

To the Conservative voters: This election is under a preferential voting system, which means you could (please) give your first preference to me (to make sure I do better than the Greens) and your Tory vote will still count if I'm eliminated before the Tory candidate is. I'll be surprised if the last two candidates remaining after eliminations aren't the Tory and SNP candidates. I may be left of centre (and I don't pull punches against Tory policies that I find repulsive) but you will find me considerably more agreeable than the Greens, concerning non-environmental issues, and I don't quite think Scottish independence is a good idea. Unless I somehow outperform the Tory candidate, a Tory voter has nothing to lose by putting a "1" in the box next to my name and a "2" in the box next to the Tory candidate's, thus helping me get more first preference votes than the Greens. Incidentally, if SNP voters want to make sure the Greens get more first preference votes than a unionist alternative to them, they should give their first preference votes to the Greens (frankly, I think everyone should vote Green above SNP).

To Green voters: If you genuinely prefer the pro-independence, anti-nuclear and anti-defence Greens to what I offer, I respect that (otherwise I would genuinely like to hear why you prefer the Greens to the SEFP). If you agree more with the Greens' beliefs than mine, and I have no way of changing that, I can't expect your vote. But remember that this is preferential voting and if climate change is a primary concern for you, you should put both I and the Green candidate as your top two preferences. Ultimately, I'm not trying to undermine the Greens, I'm trying to collect what they drop. Climate action should be the priority.

An advantage of being the leader of a small party is that, much like an independent candidate, I can easily adopt suggested policies if I agree that they're a good idea. Generally, if anybody has any questions or issues, feel free to comment or contact me via Messenger or email (, I'm all ears.

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James Douglas Wilson Clark's Elections

Date Election Party Results Position
2024 Jedburgh and District: Scottish Borders local election Scottish Eco-Federalist Party (SEFP) Not elected (vote count not available) Position not available
2022 Galashiels and District: Scottish Borders local election Scottish Eco-Federalist Party (SEFP) Not elected (vote count not available) Position not available

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