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UK Prospective Parliamentary Candidates

The next UK parliamentary general election is due to occur no later than January 2025, and political parties are currently selecting their candidates for each House of Commons constituency.

Democracy Club’s volunteers are collecting information on each candidate as they are announced. The live tables below display all the candidates we are aware of. Where a candidate has a recent electoral history, this is displayed on their Democracy Club profile.

Spotted an error? Think we’ve missed a candidate? Get in touch:

More information about the general election

There are 650 constituencies in the House of Commons, and each constituency elects one Member of Parliament (MP). Following a recent redistribution, in the next election England will elect 543 MPs, Scotland will elect 57, Wales will elect 32, and Northern Ireland will elect 18.

Boundary changes

The next general election will be held on new constituency boundaries. See the website of the House of Commons Library to find out what is happening to your constituency.

MPs standing down

Some existing Members of Parliament have announced they will not be standing at the next election. Visit the website of the Institute for Government for a full list.


Democracy Club’s general election timetable generator provides an election timetable for any given date.

The data

The full list of prospective parliamentary candidates is available as a browsable table or a CSV.

Number of candidates announced per UK region or nation
Region / nation Candidates Total seats in region
East Midlands 142 47
Eastern 201 61
London 234 75
North East 82 27
North West 253 73
Northern Ireland 11 18
Scotland 191 57
South East 336 91
South West 211 58
Wales 128 32
West Midlands 167 57
Yorkshire and the Humber 149 54
Totals 2105 650

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