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Janus Polenceus

Janus Polenceus is a English Democrats candidate in Dearne South in the Barnsley local election.

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    Dear Holborn & St Pancras Voter, My name is Janus Polenceus, and I am your candidate for the English Democrats Party in this year's General Election.

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    I would like to explain my party's objectives and nature, which you will find at the second half of this statement. Firstly want to concentrate on the things that I know affect you all, on a daily basis.

    If I am elected as your MP I will work hard to do everything in my power to end homelessness, reduce housing waiting lists, making sure that no matter what age or marital status you are, that everyone gets a chance to live in a decent home, which is a humane right rather than a privilege. I would abolish housing actions that currently house people by their ethnicity, therefore making housing neutral. During my conversations on the doorstep, I have been told that Camden Council are housing people into certain council flats due to things like their ethnicity and background, which encourages social segregation and causes some areas to become like ghettos. This should not be happening, what we need is to increase diversity within our communities not create ethnic and class division.
    I will also campaign to provide social help for those who have suffered long term unemployment, ensuring that people are given a fair opportunity to be recruited into a job that suites their capabilities.

    I shall also campaign to abolish university tuition fees in England like other parts of the UK. I would also like to see more funding going into supporting social care, Citizens Advice Bureaus and Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres. Most of all, I want to see the money we save when we leave the EU going straight into improving the NHS as promised by the Vote Leave campaign. The millions of pounds that was promised as a saving, as a result of leaving the EU can even set up an additional NHS based centre for animals working in conjunction with animal charities such as the RSPCA and the Blue Cross. This will be an animal A&E hospital, opened 24 hours a day for use by people on low income, for seriously ill animals.

    I would also like to make it a government policy that when relationships breakdown, fathers do not have to wait years until they finally get to see their children again. This is very common and I find this utterly disgraceful that this system still goes on in the twenty first century.

    As your English Democrat MP I shall personally work with all local communities in Camden to organise a good St George's Day celebration every April 23rd in public open spaces and community centres, this will help all Camden residence to get closer to one another and will bring to the borough a much friendlier atmosphere for everyone, by celebrating our country's national day. I would also like to see the English flag flown from the top of the Camden Town Hall alongside the United Kingdom flag and the flag of the Camden Coat Of Arms on an everyday basis.

    As your MP I promise to listen and help all of my constituents, whether it is to do with agriculture issues, the unreasonably high rates imposed on local business owners, local schools not catering for the diverse needs of their students or the effects of climate change.

    As promised, I will now say a little about the history of The English Democrats Party, which was set up in 2002 based on the pressure group 'the Campaign for an English Parliament'. We are England's equivalent to Plaid Cymru and the Scottish National Party. Our original name would have been the English National Party but we certainly did not want our party to be associated with racist, far-right party's such as the British National Party (BNP) or The National Front (NF) due to the misleading similarity in the name or title. Our party is here to represent all the people of England no matter what ethnic background, race or religion anyone is. We want to see everyone uniting to fight for what is right for our country and all the residents of our great historical nation.

    One of my party's general concerns are that for so many years unlike Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland that have their own devolved governments to address their own issues, which continues being funded by the taxpayers in England, there is no home rule when it comes to issues within England. This means that we only rely on our UK Parliament in Westminster or our powerless regional assemblies. At the moment we are still in a situation where the Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish MPs can vote on matters which relate only to England but our MPs have no right to vote on matter that cover Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, even though it may have effects on the economy within England.

    Labour's leader Jeremy Corbin promises to re-nationalise the National Rail and turning it back into British Rail again: although due to current EU legislation we cannot do this. This will only become possible when we leave the EU. That is why we have fat-cat millionaires such as Richard Branson strongly campaigning to remain within the EU because when leaving the EU only then can we re-nationalise our rail service and the likes of Richard Branson could lose his Virgin Trains and all the other private rail firms that exploit commuters by over-priced fares having their contracts ended. I am very much in favour of that and hope this does happen; nevertheless I am much more concerned about re-nationalising England at the same time. This means that all the nine regions of England should be reunited under one national assembly or an English Parliament. This will save England's taxpayers nine times more money than having to fund nine regional assemblies like we do now. The money will be saved by replacing the pointless London Assembly and reintroducing the Greater London Authority, or the London County Council. It will also help to shut up Sadiq Khan in his ridiculous suggestion of having a Greater London region which will become an independent state and turning our capital into a country like San Marino in addition to remaining in the EU. My opinion is that England should have a First Minister to deal with issues: purely concerning just England. If Sadiq Khan would support the campaign to have one assembly/Parliament for the whole of England and would put himself forward to become the English First Minister, then I may even consider giving him my vote.

    When our former Tory leader Edward Heath got us to join the European Economic Community in the first place, back in 1973 and subsequently the EU, even the EU itself wanted England to be seen as one region. However it was Mr Heath along with our own Westminster Government who insisted that England must be broken up into nine regions. Nice to see that our British Government has always been an enemy to England's existence! Imagine if our England national sports teams were suddenly broken up into nine separate national sports teams representing each English region in an international tournament? If you look at the Britannica Encyclopaedia, you will see that it states that 'England no longer exists as a unified nation'. So I hope you appreciate that the UK's devolution is in a terrible mess and even UKIP has no ideas on how to resolve it. Thank goodness that the English Democrats Party is here to let us know exactly what to do in terms of resolving the mess of devolution. The English Democrats Party is the only true voice for England. A vote for the English Democrats Party is a vote to make our voices heard. We are also the only party in England that does not oppose Scottish Independence or a reunited & independent Ireland; same goes for Wales, if they would campaign for independence from the UK.

    At the moment we have the Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron screaming and shouting about calling another referendum on our EU membership. As I am a democrat, I am all in favour of having another EU referendum, but not until the year 2053. It has taken 37 years since the very first EU referendum so I think we should wait for at least another 37 years till we call for another one again.

    Since Brexit has happened UKIP is now a wasted vote, they have no new ideas in their manifesto to support their party. The worse thing with the Camden Branch of UKIP, where I left as the branch Treasurer quite recently, because the branch was taken over by people with a racist approach, is that they try to exclude people who are not Caucasian or are from a foreign background from remaining as members of their branch. When campaigning on the street one of their top branch officers makes a point of asking what passport a person holds, if they are from the ethnic minority. This makes their party seem racist and very undemocratic and not patriotic at all. The fact that the party is failing to address this issue make me question how suitable their candidates are to hold official positions.

    So now that you have read a little about what is important to me and what my party stands for, I hope you do the right thing in giving me your vote instead of giving your vote to an opportunist. Make sure you give your vote to a person that will always want to be at your service.

    Mr Janus Polenceusz

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Previous Elections

Date Election Party Results
2019 Dearne North: Barnsley local election English Democrats 485 votes (not elected)
2018 Northumberland Park: Haringey local election English Democrats 46 votes (not elected)
2017 Holborn and St Pancras: 2017 General Election English Democrats Vote count not available
2010 Streatham: UK Parliament elections English Democrats 229 votes (not elected)

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